Importance of Oral Hygiene in our Life

Oral Hygiene

Oral hygiene is a practice to maintain your oral health by cleaning your teeth regularly and keeping your mouth free of any kind of disease. Oral hygiene can be maintained by brushing once teeth twice daily, preferably after every meal. It also includes scrapping your tongue daily to prevent the growth of any microorganism and thus prevent bad breath problems. There are several common types of dental diseases such as tooth cavities, tooth caries, gum diseases like gingivitis (inflammation of gums) and periodontitis (inflammation of tooth supporting structures). Inspite of daily brushing one can see stains on the teeth which can be removed by getting tooth cleaning done once in 3 months. Halitosis (bad breath) and bleeding gums generally arise when food gets deposited deep in the gum which deteriorates the gum health. To avoid this, along with tooth brushing, interdental(between the tooth ) flossing and interdental brushes should be used. Bad oral hygiene can cause dental caries which lead to cavity problems in the mouth. The importance of oral health has been greatly recognized nowadays since it affects our body health as a whole. The bacteria of the mouth can travel to different parts of the body via the bloodstream through gums and becomes a risk factor for heart problems, lung problems., stroke and diabetes complications. Thus oral hygiene places a crucial role in systemic health conditions.